//Automatic Conversion Date

Automatic Conversion Date

Today the CRO will automatically convert you company under the new Companies Act.  See conversion timeframe below

Timeframe for Conversion
Commencement Date

(1st June 2015)

New Act commences. Newly incorporated companies will be registered as one of the relevant new company types – LTD, DAC, CLG, PLC, PUC, PULC, ULC.All existing Private companies limited by shares (EPCs) operate under Part 16 of the Act dealing with Designated Activity Companies until the end of the Transition Period only.
 15 months later

31st August 2016

Final date for companies who wish to convert by re-registration to Designated Activity Company (DAC) to initiate procedure.

Thereafter may only re-register following procedure under Part 20 or following a section 57 Companies Act 2014 court order.

 18 months later

30th November 2016

Transition Period ends. Private limited by shares companies incorporated
under old Acts which have not availed of the opportunity to convert will automatically be converted.The CRO will give effect to the deeming provisions under section 61 Companies Act 2014. They are automatically converted to LTD company model.
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