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Ireland’s #1 business intelligence service

With over 200,000 users, Search4less is the quickest, most reliable, cost effective & up to date company information service in Ireland and the UK.

Search4Less is an online business intelligence service that provides its subscribers with the opportunity to search and download company director and shareholder information records.

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Grant Thornton
195.00* annually
  • Access Irish Data
  • Companies & Directors
  • Insolvency & Judgments
  • Access to CRO Images
  • *per user/ ex VAT
Search4less Plus
245.00* annually
  • Add One
  • UK or International data
  • Due Diligence or Export
  • Watch or Document search
  • *per user/ex VAT
Search4less Pro
295.00* annually
  • Get Everything
  • Best Value
  • Professional Access
  • Business Development
  • * per user/ex VAT

Huge Cost Savings

Prior to the launch of search4less access to Companies office information was on a pay per click. Maintaining just 100 clients per year could cost €4-500 per annum. Search4less offers flat fee packages starting at €195 and does not restrict usage.

More Data Sets

Search4less has more datasets than any other provider in the market. Leveraging all publicly available data on Companies, Directors & Shareholders users are able to make quick business decisions. The search4less matching algorithm matches all of these datasets providing a far richer search environment.

Search4less is Faster

Search4less streams information to users and search results are based on relevance that ensures that you get access to the data you are looking for quicker through our search technology. Users can access their data up to 5 times faster when bench marked against other providers.

Search4less is Agile & Customisable

The search4less service has evolved through user feedback. Our development path is dictated by our users and new features are added directly from user feedback. We offer 2 unique views that are customisable to suit you. The timeline view gives access to a company director or company timeline and the category view allows users to view information within a more classic layout.

Say hello to Search4Less.

The Most Powerful Business Intelligence service in Ireland.

Search4less offers unlimited online access to Irish & UK Company, Business, Director and Shareholder information. For a single fixed annual fee, users can access an infinite amount information, including Accounts, Judgments, Revenue Settlements, Bankruptcies, High Court listings, Creditor meetings, Petitions for winding up, Due Diligence reports, Central Bank Sanctions and many more data sets.

Over 200,000 users access Search4Less Annually

Search4less pricing is designed to be consistent and transparent.  We offer 3 package options and don’t discriminate against any clients with our pricing.  We have designed our price points so the service can be made widely available across all functions within a business.

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